Is there a circus in Rome currently having shows?

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      Jürgen Bürgin
      Jürgen Bürgin

      Looking for circuses in Rome, end of May 2016!

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      Milestone Rome
      Milestone Rome

      Hi Jürgen!

      There aren’t actually shows performed in Roman circuses but Circus Maximus hosts outdoor music concerts nowadays (here’s a list of scheduled events, next concerts are programmed in July).
      Beautiful opera performances are organized in summertime at the Baths of Caracalla and here’s the program of events although they will start in June. Also the ancient Roman theater of Ostia Antica usually hosts shows and concerts in summertime and the programs haven’t been published online yet. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if some events are expected by chance this weekend!

      Other archaeological remains of Roman circuses, stadia or hippodromes are still partially visible:
      – Circus of Maxentius at Villa di Massenzio (website);
      – Circus Varianus in the Complesso archeologico del Sessorio at the basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme (website);
      – Stadium of Domitian (website);
      – Stadium of Domitian on the Palatine Hill (website and info);
      – Hippodrome at Villa dei Sette Bassi in the regional park of Appia Antica (info on Wikipedia and info in Italian);
      – Hippodrome at Villa dei Quintili (website and info)

      Finally, if you’d like to enjoy a special show about ancient Rome, maybe you would be interested in “Journeys through Ancient Rome” events at the Forum of Augustus and Forum of Caesar (website).

      Hope this helps!

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      Milestone Rome
      Milestone Rome

      Hi Jürgen,

      as we said yesterday, we’re back to let you know that we’ve just talked with the official contact center for tourism in the city of Rome and they have said that any program is scheduled at the moment at the ancient Roman theater at Ostia Antica. In fact the shows organized there are usually linked to the “Estate Romana” initiative, so they will possibly start from the second half of June.


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