Pietro Virgillito

Pietro Virgillito

MR project manager and developer

Humorist, pizza lover, fond of science and history. Freestyle coder.

Flavia De Nicola

Flavia De Nicola

MR author and social media manager

Art historian specialized in Renaissance and Baroque Rome and cultural heritage preservation. Studied also at Ecole du Louvre and interned at the Vatican Museums.

It all began with our deep-rooted love for our hometown: living here every day, we've realized how much the Eternal City is admired and visited but, in the meantime, how much of its immense cultural heritage is little known or misrepresented. We actually wished to give back to Rome the authentic attention deserved, so we began to think of a cultural project since 2011 and we launched it in 2014. We've been the first project ever to promote academic-quality cultural contents relating to Rome through advanced technologies. Besides publishing specialist articles investigating various art historical aspects of Rome, also making available the results of Italian academic research to foreign readers, we’ve launched HackRome in 2015 and a real-time map of Rome monuments and exhibitions in 2016.

We know this city not only because we're Italian locals, but also because we’ve received the love for Rome as an Italian cultural bequest from our ancestors and this is the legacy we hope to pass over every curious traveler, student, scholar or art enthusiast who decide to follow with us the path of this amazing journey through history.

Here's a closer look at our first steps

26 August 2014

We started off with our Intro, finding in Internet and in particular in the social media the best way to share with accuracy and authenticity a reliable knowledge of the lesser known Rome beyond any glossy semblance.

Milestone Rome journal article

26 April 2015

The Milestone Rome journal was born, in order to foster an off-the-beaten-path discovery of the treasures enshrined in churches and museums, the vanished stories and the hidden gems behind every corner of our city.


26 August 2015

We launched HackRome to celebrate Milestone Rome's first anniversary.

Milestone Rome map

26 March 2016

We launched our real-time map of Rome monuments and events, handcrafted by us and equipped with an interactive search engine.

ItineROME travel local portal is launched

19 November 2019

We launched ItineROME, a local travel portal to experience authentic Rome through smart guide manuals, self-guided itineraries and tours guided by local art historians and archaeologists.