Do you need a fast answer to a doubt? Do you keep asking advices around the web or the streets but you're not satisfied? 

HackRome is our recent web space where to read other milers' answers to the most asked questions on Rome and to ask realtime our team of local experts your own questions like any tips for visiting Rome sites of interests, museums, locals' favorite spots and hidden art gems.

Since we launched Milestone Rome, we've realized how important is for Rome lovers who are not Italian the need of specific and accurate information about the cultural heritage of Rome and the most authentic way of enjoying it, both on the web and in real life.

Therefore, the aim of HackRome is to answer to this kind of questions about Rome, making the reliable knowledge of the Milestone Rome team of Italian local experts available to every curious, and to encourage meaningful exchanges between passionate people about cultural topics. The wished result is the creation of a lively community where true knowledge, experiences and thoughts can be freely shared between the world citizens, open-minded travelers who have the same genuine passion for Rome art and Italian culture and whom we'd love to call "milers".

How it works

Everyone can read the questions and answers which have been submitted on HackRome, as well as share interesting questions through the appropriate buttons. However, only the miler who has registered on this website can ask questions, answer to the questions posted by other milers and follow interesting questions and answers. And always keep in mind our guidelines before writing in.

If you have any difficulties in using it or if you want to suggest us improvements and new features, feel free to contact us here. We always love hearing from you!