ItineROME travel local portal is launched

ItineROME: the interactive portal to experience authentic Rome

To the Rome lovers in the pursuit of living the Eternal City in its whole, we are now proud to announce that ItineROME is finally launched.

This local travel portal is aimed at helping travelers to experience Rome and its heritage in the most comprehensive, honest and well-informed way.

Why ItineROME

Since 2014, the authentic gems of art discovered along the way of academic researches and live explorations of our hometown have been shared by Milestone Rome.

More and more people have begun to ask for advice on exploring and understanding the heritage of the Eternal City.

Queries about specific topics and requests of help to extricate from the information overload obtained via different channels (search engines, forums, tour operators, social networks, words of mouth, etc.) have gradually increased.

Our goals

  1. Give the best information about the most common yet misunderstood places and artworks;
  2. Allow the discovery of hidden gems off-the-beaten path;
  3. Promote comprehensive visit tips about Rome in the simplest and clearest way;
  4. Create cultural itineraries the traveler can use as needed to be guided in the limitless city offer;
  5. Prevent the traveler from falling in the most common tourist traps in Rome both online and offline;
  6. Reveal our true local life tricks and habits as native Romans.

So, what is ?

According to the high-quality and reliability standards which have always characterized Milestone Rome, ItineROME portal intends to offer travelers trustworthy local support together with both art historical and detailed practical information regarding Rome thanks to:

a) Free thorough guide manuals, which collect the most useful tips regarding that particular monument or site in Rome, such as opening hours, tickets, best times and days to avoid crowds, etc. together with all the maps, history details and art explanations that could help the reader in the actual visit;

Screenshot of the Colosseum smart guide manual on ItineROME portal

Screenshot of the Jewish Ghetto smart guide manual on ItineROME portal

b) Free unprecedented self-guided itineraries, focused on creative themes, artists or artworks and culturally enriched by interactive maps, photos and other media. These interactive tools can be used on site allowing the traveler to navigate along captivating storylines inside the city, having all the information necessary to understand the value of that specific waypoint and the cultural connection with the other ones;

Screenshot of Jewish Ghetto self-guided itinerary on ItineROME portal (desktop version)

Screenshot of Jewish Ghetto self-guided itinerary on ItineROME portal (mobile version)

c) Paid worthy guided tours lead by selected licensed art historians and archaeologists.

Screenshot of Trastevere private tour plan on ItineROME portal

Screenshot of Trastevere private tour preview on ItineROME portal

Milestone Rome and ItineROME

This new project is intended to augment Milestone Rome’s cultural offer.

We decided to preserve MR art and culture journal as it is, a cultural free resource for anyone.

ItineROME will offer both free information and payed-for-products (such as the guided tours).

The payed-for-products available on ItineROME will support the production of further free cultural contents on MR journal, while the significant presence of free handy materials thought and created for the traveler inherits Milestone Rome’s philosophy.

Milestone Rome
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