Milestone Rome map

A new live map of Rome monuments and events

What's around me now? What's around my hotel? What's around the restaurant I am dining at tonight?

If you'd like to make the most of your stay in Rome, you now have an useful tool to finally discover every ongoing event as well as every authentic hidden gem of Rome just around the corner and truly experience the city like a local art enthusiast.


  1. Go to
  2. Target an address: where are you or where do you want to start exploring the city?
  3. Set a radius: how much do you want to walk?
  4. Set a date: what's the current date or when your visit is planned?
  5. Toggle events and monuments: do you want to discover either the events or only the vanished ancient monuments or all together?
  6. Click find and all the treasures of Rome will appear around you.

Further details

This unique realtime map of Rome provided with a special engine has been especially handcrafted for you, in order to let you find all the monuments, art exhibitions and ongoing cultural events you didn't expect to be just around the corner, exactly near you in a chosen location and date.

As soon as you open the map, you'll see all the events, palaces, churches, archaeological evidences, villas, bridges, etc. located in a radius of 1 km around a chosen point, in this case Via Sacra. To get a tailored result, type your address, set your radius, set your chosen date, select the preferred filters (if the marker is colored, it will show up in the results), click find. Just click on the markers appeared on the map and they'll show you the info needed! To go back to the homepage, click our logo in the bottom-right corner of the search form.

This is an ongoing project to be tested and developed, so if you want to ask further explanations or suggest us improvements or corrections, contact us.

Take advantage of this free opportunity

The map is free and open to everyone during the first month of roll-out, then on the 26th April 2016 it will be reserved to our milers only, always for free. To not miss this opportunity, make sure to sign up to our website!

Update on the 1st May 2016

Our map of Rome is now public again, following the requests we received. Login is required just to customize your search, as choosing a different location, date and filtering monuments and events.

Milestone Rome
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